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Wyatt Batiste

In 2016, the Baptiste family began a journey that no parent ever expects or can ever plan to find themselves. Like many parents, they brought their 2 year old son, Wyatt to the eye doctor for routine eye exam. Wyatt was soon diagnosed with an extremely rare condition called coloboma of the optic nerve. This is a congenital condition in which the optic nerve does not form completely causing abnormalities in the eye that can lead to retinal detachments and vision impairment. Wyatt has colobomas and retinal detachments in both eyes. 

Wyatt’s condition is so rare that there are only 10 doctors in the country who have ever performed this type of surgery on young children. He had had a few surgeries and many follow up appointments since December 2017. Because the doctor is not only out-of-network, but also out of the state, there are high costs accumulating for Wyatt’s care. Each office visit to the doctor in Houston cost several hundreds of dollars plus travel costs incurred. Dr. Chang has told the family to prepare for the possibility of a lifetime of repeated surgeries and also for the possibility that Wyatt could lose some, if not all, of his vision. As of now, the medical bills for the injection procedure and first surgery have come in totaling about $17,000 and $28,000 respectively. The travel and lodging have added up on top of these costs as well. Another surgery may be between $30,000 to $35,000 in addition to these, but it they won’t know until his post-op appointments are completed.

Mya Theriot

Nearly two years ago when Mya was 14, she sustained a concussion during an HHS soccer game. After another hit to the the head, she continued having the typical concussion symptoms as well as debilitating migraines and other unexplained symptoms. After many specialist and much research, she was eventually diagnosed with Dysautonomia, which is a result of the initial concussion. Dysautonomia is a dysfunction of the Autonomic Nervous System. Her vessels no longer properly pump blood throughout her body, so her blood pools in her feet. This causes a lack of blood and oxygen to the brain. When her blood pressure drops, she often passes out, falls, and causes additional head injuries/concussions.

Her cardiologist prescribed medicine and she also began hyperbaric oxygen treatments, in hopes that it would help heal the brain injury and possibly lessen the symptoms as well. These treatments are not covered by insurance and cost $9000 out of pocket.

She has missed numerous days of school due to her severe symptoms. This past December, another student hit Mya in the head, resulting in yet another concussion. Every head injury worsens her already complicated condition. Post Concussion Syndrome and Dysautonomia have both disabled countless children who are unable to function normally. Some are not able to attend school or ever work. It's difficult to grasp, because they look fine! When you see Mya at school or out with her family on one of her "good days", it's hard to understand how sick she is. But, know that, those are the days that she is fighting the hardest!

The medications and oxygen she is currently receiving at home to manage the migraines are no longer working. The family is trying to save money to purchase a home hyperbaric (soft) chamber to improve brain functioning and healing. However, they are very expensive. Please help support this family, so 16 year old Mya can get the help that her body needs.

One thing that makes DDC successful is the support of the community and the big heart of small businesses. 

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